Alicia Glen for Mayor???

New Yorkers are waiting with bated breath, anxious about; will the Yankees finally win another World Series, who will be the Democratic nominee for President, will the market dip below 25,000, how fast the polar ice caps are melting, when will Alex and J-Lo tie the knot, can the Donald and Rudy show get any nuttier and........will former Deputy Mayor Alicia Glen run for Mayor??

Yes, this question is on everyone's mind. As people schlep to work every day, get their kids off to school, or just try to navigate around the homeless Ms. Glen was supposed to house when she was the Deputy Mayor, the one burning issue that tops everyone's list is, whether Alicia Glenn will do it!

This site is dedicated to educating and informing New Yorkers about Ms. Glen, while we keep an eye on her future plans. Think of it as sort of a public service, so the people will know exactly who she is, her public record, her accomplishments or lack thereof, what she is up to now, and more!, so you can decide if she merits your support. This should be very interesting. Stay tuned.....